Trending Bedroom Paint Colors in 2022

I know that referring to the bedroom as a safe haven or a sanctuary may sound like an overstatement. But it really is! This is our resting place after a long, hard day at work. Where we recharge and recuperate when we are a little under the weather or even just relax with a good book or some music when we just want to be. So while it is mostly the most tucked-away room in the house, it also is where most of us tend to spend our time. This said, we need to create the right ambience in the bedroom.

One of the best ways to create an energizing and mood-lifting atmosphere in the bedroom is by introducing some color. You can choose to re-decorate with some art pieces or splurge on some colorful bedding, or you can change the paint in your bedroom!

Top 7 Trending Bedroom Paint Colors in 2022

Painting your space is the most inexpensive way to give it a new, inviting look. Below are seven colors that will help you make your bedroom simply gorg, whether you prefer light hues or more striking colors in your bedroom.

1. Icy blue

blue master bedroom paint colors

Walking into a bedroom painted in soft blue is like being hit by a burst of fresh air. It is elegant, soothing and it adds an ethereal, dreamy quality. What’s even better, it is adaptable, making it easy for you to play around with the colors and prints of your bedroom’s linen and furniture. True Blue reminds us of everything we love about the natural world, from the clear skies to deep, tranquil seas.

Turquoise is a soft, watery combo of blue and green, that creates a restful and relaxed, ambience in the master suite or the guest room. Use warm tones of stained wood to create a more beautiful and welcoming space.

Indigo is the deepest shade of blue which is both mystic and mysterious, just like a starless night sky. If you have a smaller space, this sodden shade is perfect to create a visually receding effect on the walls, which makes the room feel larger.

It doesn’t matter what shade of blue you go with, nothing beats the calm and relaxed ambience in a blue bedroom.

2. Yellow

yellow wall paint combinations

I know yellow is not the color you find in most conventional bedrooms but If you are looking to ooze warmth and energy, it’s time to say hello to the yellow. Combining gray and a lemon shade of yellow in your bedroom is as trendy as it gets. The gray has a cool calming effect and the yellow adds a bright, more cheery and playful element to the space.

You can also achieve a fresh cream look using just a touch of yellow. This not only oozes warmth, but acts as a great neutral that you can use in place of beige, gray or tan.

Pair it with a whitewashed ceiling for extra warmth.

3. White

white bedroom paint colors

While white is the most basic and standard of colors, it is the go-to color if you want to keep the bedroom simple and elegant. Picking just the right shade of white not only helps absorb light, it also emits the embodiment of serenity in the bedroom.  You can pair it with white bedlinen and off-whitish furniture for an even calmer look or get a few brightly-colored pieces to add some pop of color. 

4. Red

red bedroom decor ideas

Whether you are looking for a bold and empowering color to fire up the look of your bedroom or simply want to create a cozy retreat? Go red! There are lots of exciting hues of red to pick from. Just be sure to pair your hue of choice with calmer, more-relaxing shades such as white, gray or shades of blue, for maximum effect. And to add an outstanding look, incorporate patterns like stripes and checks.

And if you want to add some cheer to the overall look, try blending orange and red to get coral – a buoyant, playful, sunset-inspired shade that also serves as a beautiful backdrop for traditional and contemporary looks.

Incorporating a lot of brass and gold accents will help create an extra burst of warmth.

5. Green

green bedroom paint ideas

Sometimes your bedroom style just needs a wakeup call.  The right shade of green will do that for you. Pair verdant grass with like-shaded wallpaper to create the impression of cheerfully sauntering around in the cool grass on a warm day.

Feeling a little mysterious, try emerald. Use this saturated, intense and regal shade of green on the accent wall of your bedroom to create more depth.

Shadowy Shade is a saturated and serene, almost-black shade of green that makes for a rich backdrop, especially when incorporated with light-colored bedding, furniture and mirrors to cleverly radiate light about the room.

Jade is a soft, peaceful shade of green that you can use on more than just the walls. Try it on high ceilings and combine it with white crown molding to create microbreaks and further accentuate the height of the ceiling.

Mint is soft, cool and calm shade that adds a subtle freshness to any space. It’s also versatile and can be combined with a wide variety of design styles – from boho to coastal to traditional or even mid-mod.

6. Playful Pink

light pink color combination for wall

Although it has often been associated with little girls’ rooms, the color pink can also help create a powerful, cheery and optimistic atmosphere in an adult’s bedroom.

Hot pink brightens up the space while evoking memories of happier times, and creating an optimistic atmosphere, making it the perfect shade to wake up to each day.

Soft pink feels fresh while mimicking the first rosy traits in the dawn sky, and also provides a classic backdrop to other classic colors such as navy.

Other shades of pink you can try include: barely blush, pink peony, or Glidden.

7. Cool gray

bedroom decorating ideas with gray walls

If you are looking for a color that can elegantly change light or dark while preserving the tranquility of your room, try gray. This neutral and imperious shade balanced out with bright tones like turquoise will give your bedroom a calm and cheerful effect.


Your bedroom should be an oasis – a space that brightens your mornings and gives you positive vibes for the day ahead and a relaxing space to loosen up at the end of the day. Keep in mind that various factors, such as lighting, time of day, adjacent materials e.g. rugs and bedding, and paint finish will impact the final paint color. It is advisable to always try out a small amount of paint on a poster or cardboard before committing to any color. Move the cardboard piece around the room, at different times of day, next to the furniture and fabrics in your room to get a feel of the final look. We also have an article on how to choose paint colors for your bedroom that will guide you.

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