Minimalist Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms (2022)

As a minimalist, living a simple life and avoiding unnecessary expenses is the main goal. A minimalist bedroom does not comprise much, but the little there is means so much. A minimalist bedroom has few vital but loved bedroom items. The bedroom is free from clutter and only has things that have meaning to the life of the minimalist. But is having a minimalist bedroom boring and stale? The honest answer is no, a minimalist bedroom is fulfilling and gives a sense of calm and satisfaction. But how do you know which minimalistic bedroom ideas for small rooms will work for you? How do you decide what to keep and what not to keep?

Here are 7 great ideas to keep you going.

1) Minimalist small bedroom décor ideas

A minimalist bedroom should not be a dull space. It is all about creating a simple, pure, and beautiful bedroom. To decorate the bedroom, you need to start by decluttering the space. Everything that does not have a massive role in the room should be removed. You need to decide whether to go for a frame-less bed or a simple bed frame. From here, you need to get neutral beddings. Ensure that there is enough natural light in the room and hang a piece of an artwork you love.

The windows should be simple, and the curtains being of a solid color. The blinds should also be wooden and have a plain pattern. When it comes to colors, go for the subdued colors. White is a prime choice and any other solid color.

2) Minimalist bedroom design for small rooms

A small room can pose a lot of storage problems, but that does not mean that it cannot be well designed. Since the space is limited, you need to be creative with the items in the room. For starters, you only need to equip the room with the necessary items. That means a bed, a nightstand, and maybe a plant. You also need to have a creative storage area; otherwise, laundry will be an issue. Try a headboard that multitasks or a bed with storage The lighting will also need to be spot on, which means blending your overhead lighting with the wall fixtures. The natural light will also be an excellent addition to the room. Plants can also be a nice touch as they create a natural feeling. Go for the plants that don’t take up much space and ensure that the planter or vase is also small. Small rooms mean you can use one item for more than one task. It is not the size of the room that matters; it is how you arrange it.

3) Minimalist on bedding opt for neutral colored bedding

neutral bedding colors

When it comes to beddings, go for neutral colors. This is mainly because neutral colors don’t attract all the attention, nor do they overwhelm the room. With neutral colored beddings, you can match the rest of the room with colors that you like. It is easier to color coordinate the bedroom if you have neutral linens. Some argue neutral colors can be dull, but that’s not true. Neutral colors are tasteful, sleek, and can bring warmth and elegance. Having neutral beddings gives you a chance to choose any other design in the room as they blend well with the walls.

Do not shy from mix-matching the pillow and the duvet with different colors. This will allow you to change the colors occasionally. If you are not sure about the color to pick, choose white and your favorite color.

4) Minimalist bedroom ideas on a budget

You can create an ideal minimalist bedroom with the funds you have. You need to start with the basics and avoid exaggerations. Have a neutral color and avoiding complicated details in the paintings. Avoid using a lot of pillows in the bedrooms and use neutral-colored beddings. To enlarge the area, you can use a full-length mirror that works wonders. Purchase the large items first, and it is vital not to over-accessorize. A massive chunk of the budget should go to the big items such as the bed, bedside table, and a cozy storage area. A minimalist will always remember it is quality over quantity. It is always about having few but fabulous items in the bedroom.

5) Minimalist color schemes on various bedroom items

Colors can be a delicate issue for many people. Most are torn between choosing a neutral color and their favorite color. The best thing about neutral colors is that they are not too shouting. Neutral colors such as beige, grey, cream, and shades of white can work well in a minimalist bedroom. You need to match the beddings with the curtains as this will give your bedroom a beautiful touch. You also need to decide if you will match your table or desk with the bed. However, you need to avoid pairing too many items in the room, as it can feel too much.

6) Minimalist bedroom ideas plants

Plants in the bedroom can be such a gem. It allows you to connect with the natural world, or as others would put it, you bring the outside inside. You will need a vase or a pot or even a planter where you will grow your plants. Some of the plants include; birds of paradise (Strelitzia Nicola), which does well in a big, well-lit wall. The string of hearts, Ficus, Monstera, or even snake plants are other great options.  However, some plants can be tricky as they can bring unwanted energy in the room. Steer clear of the pointy and prickly plants as they are known to give overstimulating energy. Well-chosen plants, which can also include your personal favorite, can help create a calmer and more habitable bedroom environment. Remember to take care of your plants.

7) Modern minimalist bedroom furniture

In a room where things are being kept at a minimum, furniture can be everything. You need to decide if all the furniture in the room should be low-lying and if they should be of the same color for more cohesiveness. A nightstand can do wonders as it can be used to store your jewelry. Of course, you need a bowl or a small tray that will enable you to keep the nightstand clean. You need to pick a table or a desk that can be used to store books or relevant documents. It can also be used as a reading area. A chair is also an excellent addition as it can be used for more than one use. A chair can be used for sitting, storage, or it can be used to define areas in the room. However, avoid cluttering the chair as it offers you a simple, easy to use space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my bedroom minimalist?

Making a bedroom minimalist is not a complicated process. All you need to remember is to keep only the necessary items. The most important things, such as the bed, lighting, and bed-side table, should feature in the bedroom. Avoid cluttering the bedroom and put only the necessary items.

How to design a minimalist bedroom?

The most important thing to remember in a minimalist bedroom is to keep things simple. Keep only the most important things and avoid overdoing the décor. Maximize the space you have, and it is essential to avoid cluttering the bedroom. Have a few but well-decorated items in the bedroom.

 What does a minimalist bedroom look like?

A minimalist bedroom is characterized by smooth and clean interiors, neutral colors, and essential furniture. It is always clean and free from clutter. Overstocking and overcrowding are never in the picture. A minimalist bedroom is about a well-kept room that only has the essential items.

How can I decorate my small bedroom on a budget?

You can decorate your bedroom with the budget you have. Start by picking a simple color and avoid overdoing the paintings. Pick a simple artwork and place it strategically with some walls being left bare. The beddings should also be simple, with the colors being neutral or solid.

What can I do with a small extra room?

The extra small room can be used for so many things. You can start by making it a guest bedroom if you host guests regularly. A home office can also be used that extra room, and so is a reading room or a library.


A minimalist bedroom should be a place where one should enjoy peace and tranquility. It should an appealing place that’s easier to clean and less stressful to arrange. Since the bedroom is used quite often, it is easy to clutter. To avoid this problem, develop a “1-in 1-out” principle where everything that is brought into the bedroom replaces another. It is also wise to develop a simple way of placing everything in a distinct place. This is a good way of keeping everything in place. Above all, when you look around a minimalist bedroom, it should be simplified.

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