How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Luxury Hotel Suite

Staying in luxury hotel suites is pricey and not the kind of thing a lot of us can afford to do on a regular basis.  Although home is where most of us tend to feel happiest and most relaxed, there is just something exciting that comes with staying in a luxury hotel suite that makes for an out-of-this-world delightful experience.  It can be the crisp, Egyptian cotton sheets and comfy, fluffy pillows and robes. You may like the soft carpet that hugs your feet as you move around the room or the powerful jet of water that invigorates your entire body. The sweet-scented soaps and lotions they offer you also add a luxurious experience. Did you know you can get all these in the comfort of your bedroom? That’s why we compiled a list of a few ideas on how to make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel suite.

1. Upgrade your bed

Of all the items in the bedroom, the bed is the most essential. Make your bed a focal point in your room by splurging on a firm comfy mattress as well as some beautiful bed linen. If the design of your bed is outdated and no longer blends with the rest of your bedroom, you may need to swap it out.  If you can’t afford a new bed right now or feel like it still works for you, then you can just buy a new mattress. Try out various mattresses at a bed shop of your choice before you pick the one that serves your needs. Memory foam mattresses come highly recommended as they are both comfortable and elegant. And while you are at it, get some new pillows too.

The perfect bed and mattress need to be decorated with lavish bed sheets. I recommend can never go wrong with top-quality crisp cotton percale with matching pillow covers. Checking the thread count is great but it is much better to, touch and feel the quality of the fabric before you buy your sheets. Keep the sheets clean and fresh and then Iron them with some DIY linen spray doused with essential oils of your choice, such as lavender. You can easily make linen spray by mixing a few capfuls of vodka with about 20 drops of the essential oil in a small spray bottle of distilled water.

With fresh sheets and a calming linen spray, you will sleep much better and will find yourself struggling to get out of bed in the morning.

You can also try triple sheeting – layering a thin blanket or comforter between two starched sheets. This clever trick is used by hotels to add a crispy and clean feeling to the bed. It is also easy to do and is cost-efficient because it abolishes the need to wash the blanket regularly as well as the need for a duvet cover.

 2. Get the right lighting

luxury bedroom lighting

Choose your lighting with care as this can be the difference between an ordinary room and a room that looks and feels like a suite.  If you have a big room with big windows, it’s doubtful that you are suffering from natural light. Buy a set of well-fitting elegant blackout curtains if you work nights and need to sleep during the day or if you would like to sleep in on Sunday mornings just as you would when staying in a luxurious hotel suite. If you like to do some reading before sleeping, get some sconces. If you enjoy waking up to the light of the sun on your face but don’t get much natural light, consider getting an ingenious wake-up light that will fill your room with piqued sunshine.

3. Get some stylish Furniture

luxury bedroom furniture

Most fancy hotel rooms have some pretty classy pieces of furniture. Add a stately headboard, a spacious nightstand, and a set of armchairs with a fancy design element or a small sofa, ideally a 2-seater, where you can comfortably do some drawing or knitting or enjoy a good book as you breathe in some fresh air and take in the scenery outside. You could also incorporate a desk or a fancy dressing table just like the kind a lot of luxurious hotels have.

4. Choose a peaceful color shade

The color you pick for your bedroom is essential in creating a relaxing ambiance. Picking neutral color shades will help create a calming and tranquil atmosphere in your bedroom, which is essential for a good night’s sleep.

Blend your walls with neutral curtains, wall hangings and bedspreads to create a peaceful ambiance perfect for relaxing in at the end of a long day. Choose soft-colored sheets in white or blue shades instead of extremely bright colored ones which may affect the quality of your sleep.

5. Set up a snack station

Most luxury suites have a snack station to satisfy your cravings. Get all the essentials for making tea or coffee and place them in a strategic place in your bedroom so that you can get a dose of your favorite morning drink even before you go downstairs. You can also add a mini-fridge containing your favorite bottle of wine. This way you can sip a glass of wine while relaxing in bed.

6. Cater to the little details

luxury bedroom art

Once you have gotten the bedding and décor right, incorporating a few little luxuries maybe that last touch you need to make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel suite. Set some fresh flowers in a beautiful vase a glass or a water carafe on the bedside table, strategically hang up some eye-catching pieces of art or a couple of mirrors or more (depending on the space available),  and maybe buy a sound machine. If you’re sprucing up the guestroom, set some new, interesting magazines and put some nice hangers in the wardrobe.

And finally, splurge on a lush bedside rug to nicely tie together the entire look and feel of your bedroom.


As you can see, you only need a few touches here and there are all you need to turn your bedroom into a luxurious hotel suite so you feel like you are on vacation without leaving the comfort of your home. And you don’t need to break the bank to do it!