12 Ways of How to Make Bedroom Romantic (2022)

Romance thrives on effort. The simple things you do to your partner goes a long way in ensuring there is intimacy. Since the bedroom is one of the most intimate places, there is a need to make it as romantic as possible. However, making your bedroom romantic can be a daunting task, especially if you are low on funds. of course, that should not deter you from making an effort on how to make your bedroom romantic. All you need is creativity, a can-do spirit, and knowing what your partner needs. The important thing is to have a room that screams intimacy, sets the mood, and can be termed as a romantic haven.

Here are some tips on how to make your bedroom romantic;

1)De-clutter your bedroom to create space for shared drink

If there is one thing that has been known to kill romance is a cluttered bedroom. There is this tendency where people always bring stuff to the bedroom. Before you know it, the room is filled with all kinds of paraphernalia. If you want to set the mood, you need to do away with all the clutter in the bedroom. You should do away with all non-essential items in the room and make room for space for a shared drink. The drink will also set the tone for a romantic night.

2) Clean your bedroom

Nothing ruins the mood as an unclean bedroom. If you want to set the mood for a romantic night, start by cleaning the bedroom. Cleaning your bedroom should be an everyday thing as this will enable you to have a clean space every time. When anticipating a romantic night, it is equally important to do it more thoroughly. This will make your bedroom sparkle not to mention making your night memorable. Start by making the bed and removing all the laundry lying on the floor. Put the dirty clothes on the laundry basket and fold the clean clothes.  Arrange the shoes neatly to ensure everything is placed in the right place.

3)Display romantic and fancy Floral, e.g., roses, Stargazer Lily, Lilac, etc. move away from the
usual plants

What makes a romantic night special is the display of distinctive and unique items. People appreciate what they see, and if you genuinely want to have a romantic night, display fancy floral. Flowers tend to show affection, and putting them will show effort. Different flowers have different meanings, and you need to establish the theme you want. Roses communicate passion while the white Lilac means purity. Other common flowers include the sunflower, which is associated with innocent and sweet love and the pink stargazer lily, which signifies romance.

4)Light a fire 

Have you ever wondered why there are campfires and romantic sceneries around a fire?
A study by the University of Alabama (2014) noted how social people became while seated by the fireside. Equally important their blood pressure lowered. Interesting but indicating that they were more relaxed. What people don’t know is that the relaxation of fire sets a romantic mood.  The light will illuminate the place and set an ambiance that will set the ball rolling. A lit fireplace will help consolidate the focus in the room and the moment. The fire will help you focus on your partner and avoid distractions from the outside.

That silent moment of seeing the crackling of fire flames is not only mesmeric but also rekindles your intimacy.
So what are you waiting for? light it up and get wired together around the fireplace!
Hey! Worry not, if you don’t have the traditional fireplace in your bedroom there are fantastic electric fireplaces in the market today for your romantic night.

5) Ground your beddings, let duvet… loosely touch the floor.

When it comes to the duvets, let them hang loosely on the bed. The duvets can pass a powerful message to the partner, and if set well, they will add to the romantic bedroom. When the duvets loosely touch the floor, you are merely making the bed irresistible. By staying grounded, the duvets will add to the sexy energy in the room. Letting the duvets and bed covers hang loose is ever a good idea for a romantic night.

6) Get Sassy with Pillows

Pillows are one of the most ignored aspects of a romantic bedroom. If you are creative enough, sassy pillows will be one of the best gestures for a romantic bedroom. Start by getting sassy pillows and be creative. It does not need to be complicated; keep it simple and sexy. Try different setup, different images for the pillowcases. You can craft original and romantic messages on the pillows. It will be what you need to get the mood going. Pillows are also crucial in having intimate talks in what is commonly known as “pillow talks.”

7) Display your favorite romantic travel destinations images into the bedroom

The display in your bedroom will play a significant role in your romantic night. Personalize the artwork in your bedroom, as this will help set the mood. One of the best things to display is the images of your favorite romantic destinations. When the memories of the favorite destinations are awakened, they have the power to arouse deep feelings. Place the pictures in the right place where they can easily spot, and this will set an excellent romantic mood. Romance is about compassion, and favorite memories have been known to set the right atmosphere.

8) Use romantic lighting, e.g., a unique chandelier put on a dimmer, fairy lights …. And
Candle lights.

Lights have a way of turning on the mood. The use of beautiful illumination can help set the tone for a romantic night. Investing in the romantic chandeliers will help you achieve the sentimental mood you crave. It may be a simple chandelier that illuminates your favorite color or dim glow from the regular bedroom lights. It may also be fairy lights or candles that speak volumes to your relationships. Remember to place the candles on firm holders to avoid any accidents.

9) Use sheers to create a canopy behind your headboard instead of a complete bed

A canopy over your bed can add a lot of romance to a bedroom. Most people prefer different canopy styles as a means of setting the mood. Canopies have other uses, which include privacy in a shared room, but for a romantic night, a good canopy can bear excellent fruits. Rather than hanging a canopy on the whole bed, you can choose to have a sheer canopy just on the headboard. It is a sure way of creating some sort of cocoon where you can escape from the outside world.

10) Minimize your color schemes

Colors play such a significant role in arousing feelings. However, this can be destroyed by having so many colors. If you are going for a romantic glow, avoid overdoing it. The colors should be as simple as possible. You can go with one color or a combination of a few shades. Some of the most popular choices are purple, chocolate, peach, or gold. You can also go with your partner’s favorite color. Whatever you choose, just minimize the color schemes. The color can be the paint you select on the walls or the light colors. Just select the right combination.

11) Make your room smell wonderful

There is nothing that sets the mood as a sweet-smelling room. Add a beautifully scented partner, and you will get a romantic night of your dreams. Scenting the bedroom can be done using nicely scented candles or using oils. Some essential oils are crucial in adding the all-important scents. You can add the romantic vibe of your bedroom by having tea lights that give sweet scents. Try and choose one of the most notable scents in lavender. You need to be sensitive to your partner’s needs and know if they are allergic to any odors.

12) Go to bed together

After all, is said and done, you will need to walk to bed together. It may seem like a simple act, but it goes a long way in ensuring you get a romantic night. After a long day at work, you and your partner will need a good romantic night. All the efforts you have put in place will come down to this very last act. Walk to the idyllic haven together, and this may be the final thing you need to begin the romantic night. In all you do, ensure that you go to bed with each other.


For the ultimate romantic night, the bedroom needs to be at its best. The outlook, the scent, the organization, the ambiance, and everything else need to be perfect. Creativity and effort are required to achieve this. You don’t need to spend a fortune to build a romantic bedroom, use what you have. The bedroom can make or break your romantic night, and that’s why you need to put much thought into it. For a bedroom to be passionate, it needs to be deeply personalized to the things that matter to the partners. People tend to be deeply aroused in environments that look, sound, and smell familiar.