21 Simple DIY Bedroom Makeover Ideas at No Cost

How can you make your bedroom look nice and aesthetically appealing? Depending on the size of your bedroom, you can spend between $4,000 and $15,000 for a bedroom makeover. However, for a small bedroom it may still be expensive considering the type of materials you are using. When it comes to the bedroom there are three types of improvement approaches to choose from:

Expansion, remodeling, and addition.

Expansion entails moving the walls to increase the dimension of the space.

Remodeling means you remain with the same dimensions but change up elements of the room from the fixtures and lighting among other things.

Addition is about adding elements to your bedroom space. This includes décor elements like wallpaper, furniture, and wall color.

Remodeling a bedroom is less expensive because they have less need for fixtures.

What if you are on a strict budget and need to improve your bedroom? You should consider these 21 DIY Bedroom Makeover Ideas to achieve a cozy bedroom without spending a fortune.

1) Consider deep cleaning

Cleaning the room should be a no brainer, right? The secret lies in keeping the space clean and organized. Have a regular deep cleaning schedule weekly and touch-ups daily. This ensures that you don’t have mountains of dirty laundry and debris in your bedroom making a cozy clean space. Vacuum the rugs on the walls and the floor and also don’t forget to wipe down the nightstand and artwork on the wall. These areas can get grimy with time if not attended to and cleaning them eliminates allergies.

2) Make it a green space

plants for bedroom to clean air

Clean air has been linked to healthy sleep. If you can make your space greener, you will improve your bedroom immensely. A green plant in the room absorbs the carbon dioxide you emit during the night as you sleep keeping the room fresh. During the day potted plants make the space look inviting and natural. The lush green plants are the best option.

3) Get rid of old items

With trends being what they are in fashion, décor and even technology, we are constantly upgrading and changing our spaces. You may find yourself with some items that are not in use. Box them and move them to storage. You will quickly create room and space that improves the appearance of the room.

4) Add art

Consider taking one of the pieces of art from the living room and introducing it to the bedroom. It will not only inject a presence into the room it will take the walls from drab to artistic in a flash. Art can be a painting or a vase on the mantle or even some interesting origami on the desk in your bedroom. Keeping it inexpensive with art is quite possible.

5) Use fabrics

Drape a beautiful fabric onto the lampshade that you are not using in the bedroom. Place it on the lampstand and use it to convert the lighting in the room to a more ambient one. This will work just as well as a dimmer or using colored bulbs. You can always change the mood of the room by simply removing the fabric.

6) Play with your drapery



dark curtains for bedroomYou can change the mood of the room by having dark and light drapery. Use darker/blackout curtains for the summer to allow a significant amount of light to enter the room without making it too bright. Light drapery is excellent for the winter season when it is already drab outside with minimal light. The light curtains allow the maximum amount of light to enter the room uninhibited.

Also, consider hanging your curtains higher to give your room the illusion of height and space. The curtains must be floor length when you hang them higher up on the curtain rod.

7) Introduce shelving

shelves for bedroom storage

Shelves are excellent for storing items in the bedroom like your books and trophies. You don’t have to invest in an elaborate shelving system. Just attach two planks to the wall and this can be an easy DIY project. Line them up with your favorite books or cute knick-knacks and mementos to personalize the space.

8) Use a throw rug

A throw rug or blanket is smaller than the typical rug/blanket and they are used to display on the bed. They can be folded diagonally or draped over the edge of the bed. If you have a couch or a chair in the bedroom they can be draped over the back of these for display. Blankets are hemmed on the edges while throws feature a fringe on the edge. A standard throw has dimensions of 50 inches by 60 inches, width, and length respectively.

9) Add a pop of color

No, we are not talking about a paint job yet. You can infuse some color into your space using scarfs and ribbons. You can tie a scarf onto the bedpost especially if you are improving the bedroom space of the little girl’s room. Make sure the ribbons are in the child’s favorite color.

The scarves are excellent for the bedroom of a grown-up and you can follow the same concept as the ribbons. You can also make interesting shapes using the scarf or ribbon and hang it on the wall.

10) Rearrange the furniture

Bedrooms have minimal furniture compared to other parts of the house like the living room. This makes it easier to move the furniture around. You can rearrange furniture for two purposes: to create space and make the room look bigger and to fit the furniture in the dimensions of the room. The key is to make sure that you balance out the items in the room. Nightstands are an excellent way to balance the space beside the bed and placing heavy furniture like the closet or chest of drawers further from the bed creates more room.

Feng Shui is the principle of living in harmony and you can rearrange the furniture in your room to suit the feng shui you want to experience.

11) Match the décor

You may have matching lampshades in the living room but they will look better in the bedroom. The trend of contrasts appeals more in the living room than the bedroom. This is because the color subtleness can be appreciated by more people in the living room. You need rhythm and predictability in the bedroom and a calming effect. Matching the wall colors to the linen and lampshades that match keeps the bedroom theme consistent.

12) Storage near the bed

bedroom nightstands with drawers

The most efficient form of storage near the bed is the nightstand. It features a drawer or more and it can also work as a stand for the lampshade. Just make sure that the top of the nightstand is not cluttered. Only keep items you use at night like the book you are reading, the alarm clock and maybe a vase of flowers to enliven the place. If you use it as a stand for the lampshade keep only or two other items on it as well.

13) Use rugs

If you have older rugs you can use them as the carpet underneath your bed. This is because this is the area with the least traffic in your bedroom and you can still get a good deal of use from the carpet. This is especially effective for people who like to update their décor regularly buying items to change the look of the different rooms in their house. You don’t need to throw any rugs out as you can use them with a layered effect in the bedroom.

14) Bring in the mirror effect

Mirrors can be used in the bedroom on the side of the bed or above the bed. In both instances, they give more dimension to the room making it appear larger than it is. They also introduce the feeling of airiness. Mirrors are famously known as the aspirin of Feng Shui. As explained earlier, Feng Shui is the principle of living in harmony with the natural elements in your space and mirrors help you achieve that balance.

A tall mirror will bring in more light into the entire room while over-sized mirrors create the illusion of volume.

15) Introduce a seating area

bedroom with a couch

A settee or even a comfortable over-sized chair is perfect for the bedroom to give you a demarcated seating area away from the bed. This can be the place you read your book before sleeping or spend some time meditating.

16) Use a yoga mat

Meditation has become a crucial part of our everyday routine. Create your own yoga meditation space where you can place candles and a yoga mat to meditate each morning. A yoga mat can be made from an old rug that you are not using or a cot that is not in constant use. The candles you use in the bathroom or living room are excellent for use during meditation as well.

To endure that this area remains undisturbed you should not bring anything that is not yoga related to the space. This eliminates the chances of clutter in your nook and keeps it cozy. For example, do not charge your phone from your nook as this disturbs the ambiance you are trying to create in your nook.

17) Re-frame the pictures

This is a simple do it yourself project that you can undertake if you have the time and interest. For example, you can wrap a scarf around the frame of pictures to give them a different look. Choose an old scarf with vibrant color (or any color you choose). Cut it into strips that can cover the frame properly and lay them onto the frame. You can choose to staple the strips into place or use gentle glue that can be removed without damaging the original frames.

Use this strategy to infuse improvements to your wall every so often and kill the monotony of staring at the same décor for long.

18) Hide the electrical wiring

Electrical wiring can look hideous when exposed. It is not the most inviting (and confidence-inducing) sight to see live wires poking out of the wall near your stuff. Besides, they are a huge hazard that can cause a fire if they come into contact with a cloth or any flammable material. And since we are encouraging you to use fabric in your décor we would also like to see you cover up the wiring and keep it contained and safe.

This also applies to hiding away cords and wires related to the various technology gadgets that you are using in the home. Use Velcro to tie up the wires and form insulation. They also keep the wires from tangling and becoming a hazard to anyone passing nearby. Cut the velcro from old bags and belts. You can also create a file box to put the cabling inside. Finally, consider using command hooks to elevate the wires and tuck them away.

19) Create a filing system

A filing system doesn’t need to be extensive. Just place all your documents in one or two drawers and use homemade partitions to create compartments for the documents. For example, place all your bills in one drawer and partition it to create a section for the water bill, energy bill, and gas bill.

20) Recycle seasonal items

If you have items that can be used in all seasons makes use of them. This reduces clutter and keeps the space organized and spacious. For example, utilize all year round duvets, keep the furniture usable throughout the year and work with window panels instead of curtains. This enables you to maintain the same level of comfort in your bedroom no matter what time of the year it is.

21) Play around with the beddings

patterned pillows

Get as creative as you can with the beddings. For example, make fun, colored, and patterned pillow shams to contrast the regular plain ones. Place a beautiful throw at the foot of your bed. Sow on flowers onto the duvet or sew a colorful, patchy quilt to use on the bed.


Do not fall into the trap of letting your bedroom become drab and shabby. Instead, look for your creative little ways to keep it fresh and interesting for yourself. And the best part is that you can do this without spending a fortune!