5 Ideas on The Best Mood Lighting for Bedroom

A stormy rainy night is not a cup of tea for most people. But cozying up in front of the fire with a hot mug of cocoa and a good book or movie under some dim calming lights can turn it around and make it an evening to remember. We have some amazing ideas on the best mood lighting for bedroom that will create the right atmosphere.

Now picture this: being stuck at home on a similar stormy night. Only this time around, the lights are out. Dull and dreary, huh? Light highly affects our mood and interferes with the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates the sleep cycle. The color of lights you are exposed to while or before sleeping can also affect your sleep as our bodies tend to respond differently when exposed to either light or darkness. The right lighting can switch your dull and depressing mood to a warm and calm energizing one.

Light also triggers the production of a hormone called melatonin and exposing yourself to poor lighting just before you go to sleep can cause inadequate and poor quality sleep. Plus if you want to create a romantic ambiance to sweep your better half off their feet, the right lighting will get you halfway there.

Using lighting to create the right ambiance for your home may sound complicated, but it really isn’t and it is actually a pretty affordable way to give your bedroom an upgrade.

Below are the Ideas on The Best Mood Lighting for Bedroom

1. Connect a dimmer switch

Having a dimmer switcher is absolutely necessary to create the right mood in your bedroom. Whether you want to shut your eyes and the world out as soon as you enter your bedroom, create a romantic atmosphere in your space or simply relax with a book or finish some paperwork before calling it a night. Turn off the lights completely or turn them down for a softer and calmer ambience. This will help you relax and fall asleep easily.

Avoid blue light as it may be detrimental to your sleep. It represses the levels of melatonin and according to various studies, it can also be a cause for serious diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

A report carried out in 2011 discovered that prolonged subjection to the white light that LED bulbs produce can also lower the levels of melatonin produced. White light also tends to overstimulate your system, keeping you alert and affecting how well and how long you sleep.

On the other hand, dim orange-yellow light may make you feel more at ease and sleepy. Use even bright lighting all over the room or a brighter bedside lamp to create a focused mood if you want to do some reading or finish some paper-work before sleeping.

If you are looking to create a relaxed and casual mood in your bedroom, you can use perimeter lighting, dim lamps, up-lighting in different corners of your room or implied lighting that throws light on your ceiling. This is ideal if you just want to hang out with your partner or watch some TV.

And if you want the mood of your bedroom to be intimate, consider using diffused lighting in one area of the room and leaving all the other lights off.  Go for a dim chandelier or just make use of the light from a batch of candles. The fireplace will help you create a more intimate and romantic atmosphere.

2. Choose your bulbs with care

It is very important that you exercise caution when picking your light bulbs as different bulbs serve different purposes. As pretty as that colored bulb may look in the store, it could be too harsh for your bedroom needs.  While fluorescent lights and energy-saving bulbs are considered both cost-friendly and environmental-friendly by many, they don’t provide the best lighting for your bedroom.

3. Layer your lighting

It has been proven that cool, white lighting encourages you to be active and move more. It also helps you eat less. Warmer, yellow light on the other hand causes you to slow down and eat more. This is why having layers of light in the bedroom is so important. Switch on the brighter, whiter lights in the morning to get you active and moving, and dim yellow lamps to stimulate melatonin production and help you sleep better.

4. Make a statement

When making preparations for your lighting layers, ensure you spotlight or down light basic pieces in your bedroom, for example pieces of art and furniture. This can help you create a dramatic and alluring sense in your bedroom. Use colored light bulbs to make a strong statement. Blue is perfect for a cool feel while red can help you give your room sexy and mysterious ambience perfect for a romantic night.

5. Use lighting as a design Element

Lighting plays a huge and important role when designing any space, the bedroom included. It can alter the shape and size of your room. Thanks to continued research and innovation, you are now spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right lighting for your preferred mood.

Use scattered lighting to give a soft glow to your bedroom. LED lighting is especially ideal because of its versatility in brightness levels and light colors. LED technology comes with lots of new fixtures, such as LED skylights that mimic the look of a window and the sky and gives off light that has similar temperature to that of natural light. This gives the room an unfurled, breezy feeling that produces a more positive mood.


When choosing your lighting, always remember that in addition to serving as a safe haven for relaxation, your bedroom also serves many other functions. I hope the above pointers will help you create the perfect ambience for the occasion. Incorporate a lot of different fixtures all around your bedroom and ensure that the lights and lamps you go with that are proportional to your bedroom, so that you don’t overwhelm or underwhelm its overall look.