10 Best Area Rugs for Bedroom (2022)

If your home does not have a wall to wall carpet, then you will likely need to rug up some spots in the home for practical reasons but also for aesthetic beauty. One of those spots is your bedside. Not only does a bedside rug add a decorative element to the bedroom, but it is also a very practical addition because it elevates the comfort level for you and your bare feet when getting on and off the bed.

Below, we have reviewed the 10 best area rugs for your bedroom that can add a little more comfort to your bedside.

Editor’s choice:

1) Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection Modern Plush Area Rug

When looking for a bedroom rug, you want something tough with longevity and at the same time, it needs to be soft and well made. This rug fits these qualities to a tee and then some. The material is tough yet soft. This means that kids and pets can be all over it and all it will take to get it clean is a vacuum cleaner. Say no to a cold floor by warming up your bedroom with this plush rug. Your bare feet will thank you for it.


  • Size: 4 by 6 feet (other sizes available)
  • Durable build that can withstand high traffic areas
  • Does not shed
  • Water, mold, stain and mildew resistant
  • Regular vacuum clean, (suction only)
  • A whooping 22 colors to choose from

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The softest option:

2) LOCHAS Ultra Soft Indoor Modern Area Rug

If you are tired of grimacing every time you leave your warm bed because your feet find a cold floor, then you ought to treat yourself to the luxury of a soft fluffy bedroom rug. The LOCHAS rug is unmistakably softer compared to conventional rugs. That is because the build is superior with a top layer of fluffy velvet and a sponge interlayer for that softer and luxurious underfoot feel. With this rug gracing your bedside, you will have a smile on your face out of sheer pleasure every time your bare feet touch the plush soft velvet.


  • Size: 4 by 5.3 feet ( available in other sizes)
  • Fluffy velvet with sponge interlayer
  • Lightweight despite having several soft layers
  • Lined with anti-slip dots on the back for enhanced safety
  • Rug pile is approximately 1.78 inches high
  • Regular vacuuming with a suction head.
  • Comes with an option of 13 colors to select from

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Best vintage option:

3) Maples Rugs Pelham Vintage Kitchen Rugs Area Rug with Non-Skid Accent

The Maples Rugs Pelham has a distinctive traditional vintage style that comes with a dual-colored design that gives off a luster-like sheen. The rug is low profile and is very hard to trip over. The back has skid resistance latex that ensures safety at all times. This rug is durably made from nylon with a rich dual-colored pattern which brings a nice aesthetic touch to your bedside.


  • Size: 2.6 by 3.1 feet (available in other sizes
  • Made for 100% nylon and fade resistant
  • Very durable and easy fuss-free maintenance
  • Low profile build backed by non-skid latex on the back for safety
  • O.44 inch rug pile
  • Comes in 4 color options to choose from

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Best contemporary option:

4) Safavieh Madison Collection MAD611B Bohemian Chic Vintage

Although very versatile, this Safavieh rug is a good choice for a bedroom rug.  This is primarily because it has a nice modern look that fits in very well with contemporary decor. It has a smooth feel comfortable for your underfoot and is made from 65% Polypropylene, 21% Jute, 7% Polyester, 7% Cotton. That’s a killer combination for no shedding, easy maintenance, toughness and longevity.

The design and look are full of character. That is because of the Bohemian chic mosaic design that has a distressed appearance for classic elegance and very affordable luxury.


  • Size: 3 by 5 feet ( available in other sizes)
  • Non-shedding material
  • Beautiful Bohemian Vintage design
  • 0.375-inch pile height
  • Comes in 6 colors to choose from
  • Easy maintenance
  • Pet and kid-friendly

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Best exotic option:

5) nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Accent Rug

When getting a rug for the bedroom, you want something aesthetically appealing but not overly sensitive and hard to manage. The nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Accent is a good choice because it is made from Polypropylene and therefore suitable for high traffic areas such as the bedside, kitchen, hallway, entryway, and so forth. This rug is kid and pet friendly because it is so easy to clean and wash.


  • Size: 2 by 3 feet (available in many other sizes)
  • Made from Polypropylene for easy maintenance
  • It is shed free
  • High quality, non-fade and is soft to your underfoot
  • Low profile with 0.37 inches pile height
  • 8 color options to choose from

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Best non-fade option:

6)Unique Loom Sofia Traditional Area Rug

A good number of people appreciate a low profile rug provided it has a non-skid latex backing. They are often very easy to clean. Such is the case for the Sofia Traditional bedroom rug which is made from polypropylene with a cotton backing. That means you do not have to worry about carpet fluff flying all over your household. This rug is non-shedding and ideal for high traffic areas such as the bedside. The texture is soft and smooth. Your bare feet will appreciate you because of this rug.


  • Size: 8 by10 feet ( available in other sizes)
  • Made from polypropylene with a cotton backing for safety and durability
  • Shed and fade-free
  • Resistant to water, mold, mildew, and stains
  • Low profile at 0.25 inches thick.
  • Easy maintenance
  • 11 color options to choose from

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Best colorful option:

7) Ashler Ultra Soft Fluffy Area Rug

If you like your bedroom rug fluffy and cozy, then you are likely to fall in love with this Mongolian fleecy rugs. Ideal for a bedside rug, in front of a cozy chair as well as the entryway.

Cleaning it is easy because you use a damp cloth and wipe the dirt away. The Mongolian faux fur is luxurious on the feet.


  • Size: 2 by 3 feet ( available in other sizes)
  • Made from quality Mongolian faux fur
  • The texture is fluffy and soft to your underfoot
  • Easy maintenance
  • Come in 10 of the richest color options to select from

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Best runner rug option:

8)Sweet Home Stores Runner Rug

This beautiful Turkish rug is lavishly textured with soft plushness. The runner design is a lovely idea providing just enough depth and plenty of walkway that caresses your bare feet when you get off the bed.

You can place the rug all the way from your bed to the bathroom door to keep your feet cozy and warm before you slip on your slippers.


  • Size: 2.7 by 8 feet (available in other sizes)
  • Soft and plush Turkish texture
  • A runner design
  • 100% polypropylene, no shedding or fading
  • Easy maintenance
  • Jute backing protects your floor and adds to the safety
  • 14 color options to choose from

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Best for kids room:

9) Ottomanson Cozy Color Solid Shag Contemporary Living and Bedroom Soft Shaggy Kids Area

This cozy rug is made from 100% polypropylene which has remarkable longevity and convenient upkeep. The texture is soft and pleasant for your bare underfoot when you leave the bed. It also has a nice soft look and finish that will match with most decors.

It works very well in kids’ rooms because it makes a great play space. Your kids can even sit on the floor to do their homework or play video games.


  • Size: 3.3 by 4.7 feet
  • 100% polypropylene for durability and shedding free
  • Soft textured for comfort
  • Tough build for high traffic areas
  • Stain, mold and mildew resistant
  • Easy maintenance
  • Comes in 11 color options to select from

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Best design:

10)Home Dynamix Vega Modern Area Rug, Geometric

The Home Dynamic is a beautifully crafted modern rug with delightful patterns that are sure to enliven your bedroom space. The soft feel ensures ultra comfort for bare feet when stepping off the bed. The rug also adds an aesthetic element to your bedroom.

It has layered rectangular designs that bleed seamlessly into each other for a fine finish. This rug looks great in both adult and children’s rooms.


  • Size 5.2 by 7.2 feet (available in other sizes)
  • Made from Polypropylene yarns that can withstand high traffic areas
  • Classy layered design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Softener stain repelling fibers

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What to look for when choosing an area bedroom rug?

At face value, perhaps every rug might look like it may serve your purposes. But upon close inspection is when you realize some materials and constructions offer better aesthetic as well as function. But there is more to rugs than meets the eye. Here are a few pointers to look out for to make sure that you are getting the most bang for your back.

1. Purpose of the rug

Consumers buy rugs for different areas and uses. For instance, a customer who is looking for a bedside rug may need to consider size, shape, thickness, the material used, and how easy maintenance will be. In the case of a bedroom rug, you want an option that is soft and comfortable for your bare feet. The option should be stable with loops of jute or latex on the back to prevent any skidding.

2. Construction and material

Some rugs are very well built with solid materials such as 100% polypropylene. Construction of a carpet can also include a blend of polypropylene, nylon, jute, polyester, faux fur and cotton. The construction and material may determine other features of the rug such as ease of maintenance, thickness, resistance to mold, mildew, and stains. The construction and materials also determine the versatility of the rug. Some of the rugs reviewed above are versatile in the sense that they can be used by the bedside, kitchen, living room, and some high traffic areas such as entryway ways and hallways.

3, Aesthetics

Rugs have an extremely broad spectrum of patterns and designs to choose from. The choice of which one to settle for is often dependent on your sense of style and what will be best matched with your already existing decor. Styles can range from vintage, transitional to contemporary.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a rug pile?

The surface yarn of a rug is what is referred to as a pile. The yarn that makes up the rug face is used as a measurement to determine the thickness of the rug. Some rugs are low profile with a low rug pile while others are thicker with a higher rug pile.

2. How long can I expect my rug to last?

Longevity is solely determined by construction and material. Generally, polypropylene rugs or blends with this material are very durable even in high traffic areas. Other materials may give you two to three years before they start to show signs of wear and tear.

3, What are the best materials for rugs?

Some of the best materials or blends for rugs include the following

  • Nylon is a synthetic material which is durable, pet friendly and easy to maintain
  • Wool stands up well to high traffic but sheds
  • Polypropylene is pet and kid-friendly. Does not fade even if close to a window and can stand up to high traffic areas


No more suffering the consternation of a cold floor when you get off the bed. Let your feet enjoy the comfort of a plush bedside rug.



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